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Should I be worried about being rescinded from an ivy? (ib results)

Hi! I am committed to an ivy league and got a 33 on the IB. My results were 4,4,5,5,6,7. (B on TOK, C on EE)

I am a domestic student and my school didn't give predicted grades. My final grades for senior year were 5 A's and 2 B+'s.

Should I be worried?

Thanks! :)


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11 months ago

I don't want to disappoint you, but to tell you the truth... yes, sort of.

The recommended minimum IB score for Harvard is 42, and the recommended minimum IB score for Ivy-league schools are 36 (University of Chicago) (this score is about the equivalent of AP Scholar with Distinction). This would mean if your score is lower than 36 , you would need some sort of outstanding profile to compensate for the lower score. You mostly want 6s and 7s (SL) per subject as those scores correspond to about 4s and 5s on AP tests (and those scores (from AP/IB) are usually expected from students who are applying). (IB Score (SL) - 2 = AP score, IB Score (HL) - 1.5 = AP Score; per subject; rough correlation).

Good luck though,

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