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Commitment hours on activities section of common app


Over the summer, I volunteered at the Red Cross but my hours varied each week. Sometimes I only volunteered 5 hours a week while other times I did 10 hours a week. How should I report my hours per week for this activity in the activities section of the common app? Thanks.


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I would suggest doing an average of how many hours. So total up the number of hours you volunteered, then find that average and on the common app just report you volunteered X amount of hours per week on average. Hope this helps. Lmk if you need any clarification.

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OK, for a different activity, if I did mostly 10 hours per week, but sometimes I could only do like 5 hours, should I still average my hours, or should I just say 10 hours per week. (For instance let's say 18/20 times i did 10 hours per week and the other 2 times I only did 5 hours)
I’d put it as 10 or maybe 9. It’s personal preference.
^^ Same. I'd personally put 10 but it's completely up to you.