11 months ago
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Should i apply as an econ or poly sci major

im interested in double majoring in Econ and polysci but im not sure which to list as my intended major on my applications. I got 5s on both my us gov and macro econ exams. I'm leaning toward poly sci b/c i worked as a poll supervision in my local election which shows some interest in the field. however i havent ever participated in MUN/ student gov/ etc so i dont know if it would be better to apply for econ still bc its a bit harder to show interest in that field. Thanks for the advice!


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11 months ago

Wow I'm considering double majoring in both as well! Depending on the colleges you're planning on applying to, it probably doesn't matter too much as most colleges don't base acceptance on intended major (if acceptance is something you're worried about). But if you are trying to show demonstrated interest, I think poly sci makes sense. However, if you are not yet a HS Senior, and even if you are, you still have a chance to show demonstrated interest in Econ. For example, most states offer HS-level competitions in personal finance, entrepreneurship, investment, and economics quiz bowl. In addition, you could look for internships in an economics-related field.

In the end, though, I wouldn't stress over it too much, especially since economics and poly sci are likely to be "taught" in the same college (typically the college of Arts and Sciences) at most universities.

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