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Is it necessary to max out on AP Classes in senior year?

I am a rising senior signed up for 3 out of 5 possible AP Classes and planning to self study an AP exam not offered at my school.

My school offers AP Chemistry, AP Comp Sci Principles, AP Literature, AP Biology, and AP Spanish.

I am taking AP Chem, AP CS and AP Literature, as well as for self-studying AP Physics C.

AP Spanish conflicts with orchestra (a class I would never give up) and AP Biology conflicts with a required adulting course, AP Chemistry, and AP Literature.

I am also in a dual enrollment program doing Astronomy and Biology first semester, and Composition and C++ programming in second semester.

Is this schedule rigorous enough for someone applying to Ivy League/UC colleges?


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4 years ago

So I assume by UC you mean UCLA and UC Berkeley not UC Merced.

Everything is evulated in context so you will have 60% of classes offered and another self study. You also have 4 semesters worth of dual enrollment so you seem to be in very good shape. I’m hesitant to say how good the rigor is with out knowing the major. I’d guess you were interested in Comp Sci or a STEM field. If I guessed correctly you are in good shape rigor-wise. If not please comment so I can edit it. The thing is ivies have a 5-12% admit rate with UCs not much better.

The rigor is good for what is available so you shouldn’t be axed becuase of rigor but it isn’t unique enough and ivies admit unique/phenomenal students so you are relying on ECs and essays to vary the day.

Hope this helps please comment if you need clarification.

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