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Which ACT Prep book should I get?

From my earlier question I’ve decided to take the ACT over the SAT but now the question is what prep book should I get. I thought SAT/ACT prep books were expensive but when I checked amazon I found some for $15-$30. But as I always do when I order something online I read the reviews which can kind of leave someone at a standstill.

I’ve looked up which books are the best and most websites say the same ones over and over again (the official ACT prep book, the black book, Kaplan, Prepscholar, and Magoosh) but when I read the reviews on all of the books some people say some faults each book has. Now I know no book can really be perfect and be the God of prep books but I might as well ask for help since this site kind of always guides me in the right direction lol. Right now I’m leaning on the Magoosh ACT Prep book because many people have said it’s very useful, fun, and provides strategies. Plus it’s only $20. So if anyone would like to share their opinion feel free.


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I think that the most helpful prep book would be the official ACT Prep book. They give you questions similar to the level of difficulty that the actual ACT gives. They also have answer explanations and lots of tips and strategies to help maximize your score. This book is also very affordable and well worth the expense.


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