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how do college applications work, and how should i be preparing over my summer as a rising senior?

honestly ive never had anyone really talk to me about applying or how it works, so i'm not even sure like what the college essay is about does the prompt change every year, what do i need, different forms (like the common app) etc, so any insight is super helpful!


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- If you have a lot on your plate your senior year whether it be course load or ECs, then its recommended that you start to prep for you college applications asap! Regardless of what happens during the school year, one piece of advice that most graduating seniors mutually agree on is: Work on your essays early!

This is an integral part of the application as it shows the AO's who you are and the impact you want to make or how you face adversity or even what you're bringing to the college. Whatever prompt they might throw at you, it's important to master writing a good essay.

- If you need financial aid for college, apply for that ASAP, through fafsa (check your state deadline here: https://studentaid.gov/h/apply-for-aid/fafsa)! Lots of my senior friends explained how applying early was some work but got it out the way and received more money for doing so. This is also a great time to apply for scholarships too if needed! Do not be afraid to go for big ones and do not ignore the smaller ones (the money builds up)!

- as for any documents, get them early with your guidance counselor and make sure your grades are correct (they will be very busy so do it asap). Guidance counselors will always be willing to work out grade situations and answer any questions about the application process if needed.

- There two most common places to apply are common app and coalition application. These aren't the only places, but based on the schools you're applying for, you should have both anyway, just in case.

Collegevine has many good articles to help with this, these are just a few big things to help you out. Try reading this article to help you feel even more prepared:


Good luck on your journey!

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