8 months ago
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I do a ton of "experiments" with horticulture. Anaerobic composting in situ to literally make my own dirt (since potting soil is crazy expensive), breeding multiple new rose varieties, and trying to to isolate Rhizobium bacteria from bean plants and thinking of making a dye from a botrytis' fungus's reaction with Iceberg roses.

Just a ton of random cool stuff, I'm already working on getting published in a teen research journal (it's not looking too good, but you never know!), but I wanted to ask if these are also impressive, though there's no context to compare them by (e.g award, published, presented at conference, etc)?

P.S: Doing all of this is completely of my own accord, no one had guided me in any way or educated me in anyway except in youtube to do these things.

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8 months ago

I'm not sure if there are horticulture shows, or competitions, etc, but something you could try is to start a blog or social media about it to share your journey and guide other plant enthusiasts. This could be a really good essay topic as well!

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