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Architecture Extracurriculars

hello, if I want to be an architecture major in college what should I do for my extracurriculars in high school that relate to this subject?

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1. Anything creative like art, design, sculpture, knitting, painting, or drawing courses. So if your school offers AP Art etc., take those.

2. Having some mastery in design or art software. So if you have access to Adobe Illustrator suite, ReVit, or Sketchup, get student licenses and practice learning how to be proficient at those. Some community college offer very good and inexpensive classes to teach these tools.

3. Go to your public library and take out books on architecture and design. You can learn a lot by picking books in various categories.

a.) Architectural History books. - Learn how ancient cultures developed engineering and materials to create archetypes like load-bearing arches or post and beam construction.

b.) Famous architects - Learn about Le Corbusier, Frank Lloyd Wright, Mies Van de Rohe,

c.) Learn about architectural movements - Bauhaus (Germany), Brutalist (Japanese modern architecture), Colonial American, British Country House, French Art Nouveau, and Italian Renaissance Architecture.

d.) Learn about specific architectural disciplines like Architectural Lighting, Architectural Signage, Landscape Architecture, Architectural Engineering

4.) Make a point to visit as many unique examples of architecture in your town, city, State, and country and take the tours so you understand how these projects came to be and what the design impetus was.

5.) Talk to some architects or sit in on community design board reviews when your town evaluates new projects in your community like building a new pool or court house or city hall. These are all public venues.

Good luck.

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