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act scores?

I am applying to schools this fall and am considering taking the September ACT. many of my schools are test-blind or test-optional, but I got a 31 previously. should I retake it? some of my schools are quite selective.


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10 months ago

So, when you say quite selective, I am assuming schools such as Harvard or Princeton. If you are going to apply to those schools with the ACT I would recommend retaking it. Students getting into Harvard have a 34 ACT on average, with the lower 25th percentile having a 33, and the 75th percentile having a 35. But, this depends on whether or not you are going to apply test optional. If you are deciding to apply test optional, you should consider this. Are any other parts of your application outstanding? For example, do you have a perfect 4.0 GPA, participated in multiple AP or Honors classes? Have you shown great leadership in clubs, or, for example, had an internship with a government official? Things such as those, which make your application stand out, will make your ACT score matter less. The same goes for your essays. If you think you have a pretty good GPA and pretty good essays and recommendations, but not enough to push you into getting admitted, I would recommend retaking the ACT until you get a 34 or above.

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