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Can I get into Morgan wit a 1.9 gpa

High I have a 1.9 gpa not because I’m dumb but things happen I will take accountability but for my grades looking like that, I really believe if I can get into Morgan they wouldn’t be be disappointed in me, my grades been through high I always had a high GPA until Covid ruined everything for me, my grades weren’t the best fresh but I had a 2.0 gpa, but sophomore and junior year my gpa wasn’t looking to good, the first quarter of junior year it was pretty okay then second quarter that’s when it went downhill I really wanna make it up senior but I’m scared they won’t even look towards my way

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11 months ago

Hi there!

From a brief search on google, it seems like Morgan wants 3.0+ and will accept 2.5+ on a conditional basis. So unfortunately, due to this university's policies, I doubt you would have any chance of admission.

A few important things to consider when applying with this GPA:

- What explanation do you have for your low grades? Colleges will be much more forgiving of a parent/close relative's death or a major crisis in your home than of just "mental health issues," particularly COVID ones.

- What's your rank at school (if your school does rank)? Even if you have a bad GPA, if you somehow are in the top 50% of your class, that will mean more leniency for you in admissions.

- Can you prove your smarts in some way with an SAT/ACT score or any AP scores?

So, the bottom line: no, Morgan likely won't look your way unfortunately. Nor will many other schools. I would personally recommend enrolling in a community college for 1-2 years and working to get a good GPA while also getting involved in CC activities and work. Then, you can transfer to a 4-year school.

Good luck!

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