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Is it beneficial to self-study APs or should I just stick to my school's curriculum?

My school puts a limit on how many APs we are allowed to take(for example, we are not allowed to do double of one subject), but I am interested in taking more history APs. Is it a good idea to self-study for extra APs or is it better to just take what my school allows? Some people have said that it isn't a good idea to self-study because it means nothing to colleges (regarding course rigor), but how does it look to self study if you get a 5 on the AP exam? Basically, I'm just wondering if there is any point to self studying to take an AP History exam? Will it benefit me in anyway? Thanks!


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2 years ago

So if you self study it will likely not count as rigor. But on the exam if you get a certain score usually a 4 sometimes a 3 (scale 1-5 in case you didn’t know). If you get the score you get college credit at basically all schools expect a few obscure schools and some of the ivies (ivies use AP for advanced classes/programs)

So in essence you’d be getting dirt cheap tuition for approx 3 hours per test. If the school pays for the test you get free tuition for a class just by taking a test.

So I’d advise self studying especially if the ap course is major related.

Hope this helps and comment if you need clarification.

2 years ago[edited]

Sorry I somehow double posted my answer. Please forget this was an answer.


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