10 months ago
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Rate the schedule! (Sophomore)

We get one class change per year (unless academic misplacement, but we get one where we don't need a reason). Let me know what you think of my schedule, and if i should challenge myself more!

Block 1 - Chemistry I Honors

Block 2 - Spanish III

Block 3 - English 10 (no way I’m taking honors English again)

Block 4 - Sports and Entertainment Marketing (semester long, S2 is Intro to Entrepreneurship)

Block 5 - AP Computer Science Principles

Block 6 - Algebra II (I heard Algebra II is really easy for kids in accelerated math because this is the year they merge the advanced kids with the normal ones, so I may take honors instead, I’m on the fence)

Block 7 - AP World History (I have 0 clue how to write a DBQ, god help me)

@froggity.frogby10 months ago [edited]

You should absolutely take Honors Algebra II, especially if you did well in Algebra I. This looks like a plenty challenging schedule to me. Good luck with AP World lol

@AdaH10 months ago [edited]

I'm a rising sophomore who took Honors Algebra II in my freshman year and I personally found it much more challenging than Honors Geometry, but somehow easier than Honors Algebra I. If you feel confident with Algebra, then take the honors class. The worst thing that could happen is you needing to drop down to standard. (Re: DBQs- They're not as bad as they sound, Heimler's History has some DBQ & general world history tips. Definitely check out his videos on YouTube.)

@ArrestedCorn9 months ago

AP World was not as hard as it used to be. Now they've removed the ancient stuff and start in the year 1250. Much less to cover for you. IMHO, I disliked it and my friends who took the class called it a "betrayal of what AP is meant to be". But it'll now be easier.

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10 months ago

Hi, this schedule looks really good! Do you have an idea of what you may want to major in? Consider emphasizing coursework in that area by taking related electives and AP classes throughout high school.

I honestly loved AP World. It's a lot of information, but Heimler's History is an awesome resource for things like learning how to write a DBQ :)

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