4 years ago
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How can I participate in Extra-Curricular Activities amid the pandemic?

I am a rising senior in Texas and I am a little concerned about my extra-curricular activities. I moved from overseas in my 10th grade to Texas and so I didn't have a chance to complete any volunteer hours or complete a summer internship during 9th grade (because I didn't even know that it had to be done). For the summer between my 10th and 11th grade, I was traveling so I didn't get anything done in that summer too. I, honestly was relying on this summer (the summer between my 11th and 12th grade) to get into a hospital volunteering program so I can 'make-up' for the time lost.

Unfortunately, though, that couldn't;t happen because of the Coronavirus pandemic. I don't have any other volunteer activities that will stand out and differentiate me among the other applicants (my volunteer hours include the regular bake sales, movie night, and seasonal festivals). So, my question is is there anything I can do now to help me boost my extra-curricular so it can stand out in my college resume?

P.S - I am going to be majoring in Nursing.


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4 years ago

I know a lot of people who have not done any extracurriculars until the summer of their junior year. Why don’t you try working on a project? If you work on an enormous project that gains popularity during this time, it can make up for your lack of ECs. Some suggestions for you are to start a COVID-19 related initiative, or start an online community like a blog or a forum. You could also start a podcast about an issue you are passionate about, or even learn a new language through Duolingo. Try writing a small book or ebook of writing is your thing. You could pursue an online Internship online or find ways to virtually volunteer. There is a website called Teensgive.org which allows you to find virtual tutoring opportunities. Or try starting a blog about something you are passionate about. Good luck!

Hope this helps

4 years ago[edited]

So depending on the school you’d like to attend whether that’s Rice/UT Austin or if it is UNT the answer varies.

For the very competitive schools like Rice and Austin unfortunately you have zero shot unless you have any sort of very competitive school based EC. But you don’t seem to have one.

Then there is the Houston caliber schools which includes Texas tech Baylor TCU (very good) and Texas AM UT Dallas UT Arlington.The best bet for these Would be to get a job whether in fast food or in a small buisness. And as you have a few minor ECs these would likely be lower reaches all the way to near safeties. Also look to see any leadership whether in club or jobs

As for very non competitive schools like Sam Houston St UTEP UTRGV you should be fine as ECs are not heavily valued there academics are the focus.

But ECs to pursue are jobs, youth group, any sort of school club can improve your profile. Also some sort of major related thing such as a YT channel, a blog are great ways to show you love of medicine.

Hope this helps and comment if you need clarification.

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