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Rate My Sophomore Classes (thank you!)

I want to go to a mid or large sized preferably private college with a 5-25% acceptance rate, would I be on track?

AP Lang

AP World

Advanced Algebra 2/ AP Pre Calc (2 years of math in 1 year)

Chem Honors

Spanish 3 Honors


Draw/Paint 1-2

Culinary Arts

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This is not information to inform you whether you are on track for a 5%-25% college acceptance institution or not.

Typically T20-T40 school admits have strong course rigor which amounts to a total of 4 years of English (2 APs), 4 years of maths (AP Calc or above), 4 years of science (2 APs with labs), 3-4 year of foreign language (5+ preferred including the AP one), and 3-4 years of history (including AP US Hist and AP Euro). Besides these core classes top schools expect to see some evidence of intellectual vitality which typically includes some dual enrollment classes or college courses taken outside of school. Successful admits to such schools have between say 5 and 15 APs with mostly 4s on their test scores. Average APs are in the 8-12 range for these schools depending on your intended major. More for STEM majors. Less for humanities majors.

Other factors will include a.) the quality of your ECs and impact and level of service to your community b.) any spike talents which can be anything from being a recruited athlete, national/state level musician, artist, singer, dancer, etc, c.) the quality of your internships, and research projects, d.) the quality of your expository writing as evidenced in your graded papers, essays, and short answers, e.) the opinions of your teachers and counselors as evidenced through their recommendations. f.) standardized test scores like SAT and ACT and AP and IB results. Min. goal should be a 95% percentile score like a 1410+ SAT and a 31 ACT.

Hook factors that will influence your admissions to such schools are whether you are a legacy, recruited athlete, child of a faculty member, child of a wealthy donor, or VIP applicant like a celebrity. Your EFC on your FAFSA and your CSS profile will determine whether you are low-income and in lieu of affirmative action, many T40 colleges will use your family income and assets as a proxy for being marginalized by race and the color of your skin.

Since college admissions, these days are not only a function of course rigor but your ECs, work experience, Personal character, leadership, and innate talent, you should be doing many things simultaneously at the same time.

Hope this is helpful. Research some college websites or watch some college vine YouTube livestreams to learn more about the multi-faceted strategy most successful admits use.

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