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10 months ago
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Can I change my regular classes to advanced standing classes at the beginning of the school year?

I am starting high school next month, and I am hoping I can change my english and history classes to advanced standing classes by then. Can anyone confirm that this is possible and that I’m not too late?

Thank you!

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10 months ago

I think it may be possible and it won't hurt to try and see. For starters, you should check with your school to see what advanced classes are available for freshmen. After, reach out to the counselor or advisor to see if you can still switch out. It usually depends on if there is any room left and if you can do the summer homework(if there is any). If you are taking an ap, most high schools require a permission form from your parents stating that you will not drop out and agree to the term of the selected courses. However, I am not sure if high schools offer ap courses to freshmen. If you are unable to get the class, I suggest maybe trying dual enrollment at a local college.

10 months ago

Typically it will depend on the mark you received in those classes the year before. Typically strong Bs and As in regular courses will allow for you to do that. Most schools may also require recommendations from prior teachers to take advanced courses so the first thing one should do in a situation like yours is go directly to your teachers and ask for a recommendation of some sort or check if that is required. The next thing you should do is email your counselor before approaching him/her about this so that he/she already has your schedule and question in mind. Some counselors may also ask how you will manage your time with your course load so be prepared with a rough "schedule" if you will of studying to show your counselor that you are ready and motivated to advance. Personally, what has worked so far is that the easier you make your job for your counselors, the more likely you will be able to take advanced courses.


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