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Can a freshman take dual enrollment courses?

I am starting school next month and am considering dual enrollment. Does anyone know if dual enrollment is possible for a freshman in California? And if so, will I be able to handle it? (I would like to take courses in music)

Thank you!


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As someone who started dual enrollment in my freshman year and lives in California, yes it is a possibility. HOWEVER, I would advise talking to your high school and local community college counselors. Some high schools, such as those in Fremont and Milpitas for example, ban students from taking dual enrollment until their junior year of high schools, while others such as my own allow you to start in Freshman year. Community college does allow you to take classes in your freshman year of high school WITH COUNSELOR APPROVAL.

Whether you will be able to handle it, depends on your work ethic. During my freshman year, I took Sociology and Psychology and got a B and A respectively. I slacked off badly in Sociology and struggled a lot in that class, while I worked hard in Psych to get an A. Think about your work ethic, whether you will put in 3-10 hours of work weekly towards your class before making a decision.

• 2 years ago

hey! i have no idea personally but it should be really easy to check… just google “colleges that offer dual-enrollment in california” and then look on their websites to see if they have an age policy. most do since in order to take the college course you must first clear the high school equivalent of whatever you’re taking. if that doesn’t work you can always reach out to your local community college or 2-yr college and they probably will take you. i’ll be honest freshman year seems quite young to take DE courses but i’ve personally never done them so idk if that’ll be an issue or not :,)


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