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What is the risk of applying undeclared engineering versus applying as a declared engineering major?

I have made a switch in recent weeks to decide to do engineering instead of physics as my college major. I was wondering whether I should apply undeclared or whether I should declare as electrical right off the bat. I am not 100% committed to doing electrical engineering but it is my favorite engineering subject that I have done so far. Would it be possible to change my engineering major once I get into college, or should I apply undeclared?


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2 years ago[edited]

Hi! I would say that in most cases, applying with a major in mind (and a plan) is better than applying undeclared. Colleges want to see that you're ready and motivated to begin working on whatever your passion is. Also--you can always change majors in college! At most schools, I don't think you have to declare your major until sophomore or junior year. Best of luck!


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