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How long does it take to hear back from Baruch College in NYC?

I applied to CUNY Baruch College in New York City. I applied and sent my FAFSA to them ages ago, but just sent my ACT score yesterday. Completely my fault. In the rush of application season, sending it slipped my mind. But now I'm wondering how long it's going to take them to review my application and get back to me with an admission/rejection decision. Their website says it's on a rolling basis starting in mid-February and ending in JUNE, which makes no sense to me, because you're supposed to commit to a school by May 1st, but whatever. Has anyone else applied and gotten an acceptance/rejection letter? How long did it take to get it after you completed your application?


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2 years ago

Based on some google research, it should be in 4-8 weeks. You will certainly hear back by june if you've already submitted everything. Some colleges even do two weeks, but I don't think that's common. I didn't find this on a specific college's website though, this is just average for rolling decision schools.

Hope that helped, and hope you get in!

2 years ago

@stressedjunior is right on the money here. It's going to be 4-8 weeks from when they get your completed application. Which means if you only sent in your ACT scores on 2/25/20 they probably won't even look at your application until early March. You should still get your application back before May 1st though. I did find something from them that said if you get your acceptance after May 1st you can reply to the acceptance within 2 weeks of the date you receive the letter. I'm not sure how helpful that is for you though since you'll have responded to another school by then most likely. If Baruch is a top choice you could look into asking for an extension at any schools you've been accepted at but I'm not sure how successful that will be to be honest.

Either way, I think you'll be fine and should hear back by the end of April at the latest. Good luck and keep us updated!


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