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My gpa range is between a 3.0-3.20.

My gpa range is between a 3.0-3.20. I’m a rising senior and I’m starting to worry about not getting accepted into schools that I’d like to apply to because it’s low. Any advice on what I should do to carry the weight of my gpa ?

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2 years ago

So with out knowing what schools you are aiming for and also what year you are in I’ll say as a rising junior trying to get a mid 3.6 gpa.

A few things to do:

1. Create a study plan and spend more time on subjects where you struggle and or have a quiz approaching. Don’t just evenly split it.

2. Take AP IB Honors courses as a lot of schools accept weighted GPAs.

3. Focus on the subject make sure to take good notes and keep track of dates among other class info.

4. If you are struggling in Subject X a lot of schools have a study area for after school help or the teachers are available after and or before school. Use that!

5. Take classes for a purpose don’t take it becuase it’s “cool” take it becuase it meets graduation requirements or it helps you. Don’t take art beyond grad requirements as a STEM major for instance.

Hope this helps and please comment if you need clarification.


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