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What can I do to deepen my extracurriculars??

My extracurriculars right now

Published in a super prestigious journal(concord review)

Non profit - 200+ volunteers and more than the equivalent of 5,000 dollars raised(which is a lot since I am from a country whose currency is really weak). 3 years

NHS - President of Leadership, 2 years

Crosscountry - Varsity, 4 years

Science club - President 3 years, Member 4 years

Planning to attend either TASS/RISE

Community Service School club - President 2 years, Member 3 years

Caretaker of my younger sibling(Who suffers from a disease and gave me the idea to start the non profit). All four years

Planning to do research

What can I do to make my extracurriculars better or is there anything I should add?

I feel like I am all over the place.

P.S I am applying to the T10s


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10 months ago


Your activities are impressive and are channeled in the right direction.

Most of your activities show leadership, hard work, grit, and willingness to serve society however, one thing it lacks is Intellectual curiosity.

Your activities suggest that you wish to go into the STEM fields, so I would suggest you try to do something unique like create an online course that teaches the abstract and technical skills of research and experimenting in STEM subjects. Also you can create a community of students who already work in the field of stem and you together create a device or something which helps society as a whole.

Both of these are time-consuming activities so you should start only if you have time on your hands otherwise you are good to go.

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