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What category does working for a non-profit fall into in the extracurriculars section in my profile?

I've worked for two different non-profits so far and would like to include them in my profile to see if they raise my chances of getting accepted into colleges. But I can't find the right category for them in the extracurriculars section. Can anybody tell me what category they fall into?

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So if you are talking about CommonApp it really doesn’t matter as long as it is semi applicable. For college vine chancing engine if you are paid that would fall under employment. As for volunteering that would likely fall under community service.

Employment is that you are paid and have tasks to do.

Community Service is volunteering unpaid work typically for a single project. Such as helping out at the food bank.

Now as for being an unpaid employee doing stuff such as running social media, “project” leader (where you are in charge of a task such as organizing a food drive) are often employees but you can list it either way and still be correct.

Hope this helps and please comment if you need clarification.

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