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Do I have a good chance of getting into Northeastern ED?

I am a rising senior that attends an "elite" private school in NYC. I have appx. a 3.6/3.7 GPA (my school does not do GPA's or class rank), I have been on varsity track, for all three seasons, for all four years of high school. My school considers normal courses to be equal to honors at public school, and I am taking AP Bio and Psych this coming year. I also have been in many vocal and instrumental clubs for the last four years and will be a peer leader. I am just worried that I will not get in because I only can take the ACT two times, and haven't before, and probably won't get higher than a 33. I know that admissions are fairly random, especially for this upcoming admissions cycle, but I am wondering if it's even worth it to ED, I really love Northeastern and would love to be in their Neuroscience program. Thanks.

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What does Collegevine's chancing engine say?

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It says 89-93% BUT that is if I get my target ACT score of a 32/33. I was told it is much more competitive now and honestly, I don't believe these calculators that much

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I would take the ACT this August and see what your score comes back first. If you get a 33 or better, I would apply ED. If not, I would take the ACT again either Sep or October, and apply regular decision. Your GPA is good but not in their 50% range. On prep expert, a 3.7/33 ACT gives you only 44% which is less than 1/2 of what CV predicts.

25%-75% percentiles for the last 2 cohorts:

2020 - Class of 2024

4.1-4.5 Weighted HS GPA

34-35 ACT

1470-1550 Redesigned SAT

2019 - Class of 2023

4..3 Weighted HS GPA

32-35 ACT

1390-1540 Redesigned SAT

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Yes I think you have a good shot provided you get the score you think you'll get. I don't think the ACT matters as much as you think it will and you shouldn't need to take it more than twice even under normal circumstances. Obviously there are no guarantees but the fact you go to an elite school bodes well as it is likely they'll hold your school in high regard and they can get more money out of you. If it's really where you want to go then go for it.


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