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Any high school work from home jobs? Or internships? Specifically relating to working with children?

I'm a rising high school senior. I have previously volunteered and worked in a Sunday School throughout high school and will continue to work. I have also volunteered in an after school program on Fridays. I love working with children and so I want to do something more creative via virtual work or internship opportunities in which I can be a teacher/mentor, etc. Please give me tips and advice and ideas.

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@DebaterMAX2 years ago

1 word tutoring there are a lot of organizations that may actually pay money. Just google sign up tutor high school

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2 years ago

There is a site givingteens.com

You must check it out..it's for tutoring kids virtually maybe.

And you can go to the site.. allforgood.org

They will find volunteer opportunities near you..

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2 years ago

Some sites that you could use for volunteering are

teensgive.org - You could volunteer to tutor online! Acceptance rates aren't that high as there are lots of competition, however.

learntobe.com - Another tutoring site, although I don't know the acceptance rates.

chdliving.co.uk/adopt-grandparent - You could basically volunteer to call seniors and basically become their....grandchildren I guess?

caresfl.org - Another site to help seniors! :)

boredofboredom.org - Definitely recommend this site! You could sign up to teach children random things, from writing to yoga!

These are all the tips I could find right now. Hope you find an opportunity you like, and stay safe!

2 years ago

Project Sunshine is also a good organization to do remote volunteering for pediatric children.


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