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I have a B- and a C+ in Quarter 4 of 11th grade. Will this look bad on my college application?

From 9th grade all the way till the 3rd marking period (or quarter) of 11th grade, my grades have been very consistent. They've been in the As and just a very few Bs. But with online schooling during Covid-19 and my sleep schedule and time management skills being very poor, I ended up getting one C+ and one B- on my 4th quarter of 11th grade. I aam determined to bring it back up in senior year. I'm not applying to any Ivy Leagues, I'll be applying to state colleges. Will this negatively affect my college application?


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So depending on the school. Schools with sub 35% admit rate such as UCLA Michigan UVA it will certainly hurt you. The next trier consists of elite schools at around 50% admit rate UW Wisc Madison Maryland Penn St these would be impacted but not heavily as you can explain the circumstances whether by email or additional info on common app. Then there are the flagship schools that aren’t one of the above. Oregon Iowa Connecticut South Carolina all fit this catergory it’s essentially the last one but more forgiving. Then there are the school that say f it and don’t care UTEP (Texas El Paso) has a 100% admit rate so nothing you do will impact it.

Also becuase of Covid every single admission person I talked to (via zoom) said that they were being ultra flexible cuz this is an unprecedented situation post ww2.

You aren’t alone either a family friend works with special Ed students and a they were straight A students some had to redo the year. So you aren’t alone and AOs will be very understanding come admissions time.

If you’d like if you tell me a school I can “break it down” for you if that would be helpful. Hope this helps and please comment if you need clarification.


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