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Will colleges see my grades/work at all in the 12th grade?

My GPA is a 2.69 right now, but my high school counselor found spaces in my schedule to allow me to retake some of the classes I didn't do so well in, but for the grades to be replaced I have to complete both semesters of the courses themselves. I'm not entirely sure if colleges consider those changed grades if they don't actually change until the end of 2nd semester. I know the California State University application deadline is on November 30th, but this is my last chance to really improve my admissions chances and I want to make sure the colleges I apply to can see all the work I'm putting in to get myself into a better position for acceptance.


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2 years ago

They will see what classes you are going to take your senior year as you report it. (At least on common app I can’t tell you about UC application) Also your school might send out a mid year (after winter break) report saying Micah got 4 As in subjects a,b,c,d and 4 Bs in subjects W,X,Y,Z.

Hope this helps and please comment if you need clarification.


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