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Should I submit my sat score

So I am a rising senior and have taken the SAT once and scored a 1500. My dream school is UPenn and I plan on applying ED. However, I feel that score is a little low for people of my background (asian, male). I know that UPenn and most other schools are going test optional this year. But I was wondering if I should just submit my 1500, retake the SAT and try to get a better score (though I'm not super confident I can increase my score by much), or not even submit an SAT score at all? Also, could a 1500 hurt my application if its below average of other applicants for test optional schools? Thanks.

@PerryG2 years ago

I feel like I have an even better question lol. The first time I took the exam I got a 1480. I too felt like this wasn't enough so I retook it thinking I could break 1500, but I didn't prepare as much and had to wake up at 4am to drive across state to my test site because my local sites all closed due to COVID. I got a 1390. I know UPenn recommends to submit all SAT scores, but I feel like this drastic decrease in points looks unfavorable. Should I break this and only send my best score?

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The key word here is "recommends" instead of requirement. Since it's just a recommendation you don't need to submit all your scores. If you did better on each individual section with the 1480 than I would not submit the 1390. Here's their website for more info: https://admissions.upenn.edu/admissions-and-financial-aid/what-penn-looks-for/testing

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So you are right in the middle with out adjusting for demographics.

The middle 50% is 1460-1550. I’m of the opinion that a good sat, and a 1500 is a good sat is better than no sat. School want to admit students that can succeed and the sat and act are used to show that.

Also UPenn super scores so there is no harm in taking the sat again.

Hope this helps and please comment if you need clarification.

3 years ago

I think you should submit it. The average score of previous years was the result of people having the luxury of taking SAT several times, superscoring, selecting between submitting SAT or ACT, etc. This year things are different. If in your first attempt you score 1500, you signal your potential and academic ability. My view is that this box is well checked and you should focus on other things. Good luck !

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