2 years ago
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What is a good club I can start to help me stand out in my college applications?

I'm a sophomore this year and want to start a club to practice and develop my leadership. I also hope to use this, and other extracurriculars, in my college applications. I hope to major in Computer Science at a college in California, some of my top choices being UCLA and Stanford. Are there any specific clubs I could start that would help me stand out from other applicants pursuing similar majors? Are there any other extracurriculars that would benefit a Computer Science major?

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2 years ago

I think to help answer this it would be nice to know what clubs your school already offers for computer science/related topics and what you want to do with your CS degree.

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2 years ago

develop an app, start a coding club or math club, apply to CS summer programs like MITES or MOSTEC at MIT.


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