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9 months ago
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Race on college admissions

While I was messing around with the chancing profile on college vine, I noticed that when I changed my race from asian to black, my chances for top schools like Harvard and Yale went from about 1-3% to 40-50‰. I found this quite shocking and was wondering if this is realistic for college applications. Will being asian really be lower my chances of admission by that much?!

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9 months ago[edited]

So from an admissions standpoint Asians need a generally higher academic profile than that of a White applicant and Black/Latinx/other POC students need a generally lower academic profile than that of a White student to gain the same relative level of consideration. You’re being considered against only the Asian applicants to Ivy League schools, who (standardly) have a high GPA, high SAT/ACT scores, very strong course rigor, etc. This means that unfortunately, it sets the bar higher for you, so yes you are at a slight disadvantage from an academic standpoint. In terms of major, if you’re in STEM, especially if you’re a guy, you’re also going to be at a disadvantage since that’s a stereotypically Asian and Male dominated field. If you’re a girl/other gender or you’re not pursuing STEM you don’t get that double disadvantage. I’m assuming you are South Asian which gives you a slight advantage over being East Asian, but if you’re pursing something like Business or Comp Sci (which are very popular among SA applicants to Ivys/MIT) then you’re also at a disadvantage.

9 months ago

It depends entirely on whether you fit the “Asian stem stereotype”. I’m not saying they have quotas but schools are looking for a worldwide representation and Asian especially Chinese and Indian are one of the most common applicants as the stereotype about Asians and education exists. But with that said your chances are likely a bit higher say 5-8% while whites in your case have a 25-30%. But yes Your race does impact it but it is more along the lines of being a non cliche applicant.

(not so much SE Asia, Central Asia, and Middle East. Japanese and Korean have no boost but also no decreased chances all of this is my experience though)

Hope this helps and if you have a question I’ll be happy to answer it.


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