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I am a rising senior with a 3.57 unweighted GPA. Lots of my peers took ALL on level courses since 8th grade & have higher unweighted GPAs than I do. I always thought it didn't matter because schools would see how much more rigorous my course load was. However, I am hearing that they won't even open the app to see my level of coursework if my GPA isn't at least 3.8 unweighted. I scored a 1460 on SATs but if colleges aren't looking at that anymore it seems like there is an advantage to taking mostly on level and getting closer to 100 on everything? This seems backwards.

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Who told you that college won’t see your course load if it wasn't a 3.8 unweighted? Colleges look at everyone’s application in a holistic review process. They see your gpa, weighted and unweighted, they see your class ranking, your course load, everything that would contribute to you doing well in school to make sure that you can handle their courses. I know a ton of people who got into ivies even without a 3.5+. As long as you are challenging yourself you are good to go. If you feel as if your gpa is lacking, then raise your SAT score. Also, make sure to have unique extracurriculars to differentiate yourself the crowd of applicants who all have volunteering experience, honor society, anything that is easy to do and is already overused. Good luck to you in your application process!

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