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Which one is “easier” to take for the first time?


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For first time test takers, there is no “easier” test. The difficulty of the tests are completely based off of how your brain works. The ACT has a strict time limit, with less than a minute allowed per question. The questions are “easier” than the SAT ones, but you have no room for mistakes and everything has to be quick thinking. ACT has 4 sections, and the average of those 4 scores gives you your composite score out of 36. The SAT has more time allowed than the ACT, but with what could be seen as “harder” questions due to the fact that you have more time to think about it. The SAT has 2 scores (math and reading/writing) that are combined to give you a total score out of 1600. There are also small differences in the types of questions you will get from each test, like how the ACT English section focuses more on grammar and sentence structure and the SAT writing focuses more on writing style and vocabulary.

In the end, the best way to find out which test is easier for you is to do practice tests. You can find all sorts of free SAT and ACT practice tests online. If you’ve taken pre standardized tests, like the PSAT or pre-ACT, those scores can also help you figure out which test is easier for you. I personally took 3 different PSATs, and guess what, my first SAT score was much better than my first ACT score. Once you figure out which test is easier, you should spend time practicing it more and more to make sure you get the best score you can get on the test day.

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