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07/30/2020 at 01:38AM
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Is there a way to check up on essays you have reviewed? Like see if the person liked your review?

Checking up on essays you have reviewed


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07/30/2020 at 01:57AM

To my knowledge, the only way you can see if they liked your review is to look at your own essay stats and monitor it by inference. So if you have a 4.5 average and it goes up slightly, you got a 5 on the last review, and if it goes done slightly you got a 4 or a 3. You get a little more feedback if you are a top reviewer because CV says this or that review got a 5 for the last review. You don't get a score report back, just an average score. I've reviewed 44 essays and have a 4.87 average score but there are some that have higher scores.


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