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Can i still transfer colleges from the Philippines to USA if i have failed grades in the past on my transcript?

i want to transfer colleges from a dental school in the philippines to a dental school in the us but i have failed grades from the past and my dad tells me i cant apply for student loan and take dentistry in the us bc i have failed some courses before. he said itll always be on my transcript and if colleges see it they wont accept me. life is sad thanks for answering :)

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2 years ago

Hi there! This site is actually for students applying to undergraduate schools, and not professional schools, so you likely won't get the responses you want here.

As an international student, you wouldn't be eligible for federal student loans anyways, but it's possible that private lenders will give you loans. Transferring dental schools is really difficult as the curriculum structure and sequence vary by school. It's possible that they might still admit you with failed classes, but it will likely decrease your chances, and you'll probably need to retake the failed courses at the new school. You should reach out to the dental schools you're interested in to ask about their financial aid and transfer policies.

Best of luck!


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