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Commitment for senior activities

If I join an activity in my senior year, do I list the weeks that I plan to participate in this activity on my common app or the weeks that I have participated in this activity up until my application is due? And what if I was inducted into an honor society my junior year, and the society has not had a chance to meet or do anything yet do to covid-19? How would I list my time commitment for this activity on the common app?


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2 years ago

So failed activities should be reserved for the additional info section for CommonApp. As for senior year activity do your projection of what you expect to participate in it. So for example last year in an activity I just started that year I had 8ish hours/week in Activity X but this year I expect to do slightly more in it so it will be 9 hours so I’d list it as 8.5 hours/week.

Hope this makes sense and please comment if you need clarification as I’d be happy to help.


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