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Should we include our SAT/ACT score if schools are test optional?

Most schools are going test optional for applications for the class of 2021–does it look bad if you choose not to put your score on your application? For example, I got a 1320 on the SAT, and I’m not sure if including my score will help me or hurt me.

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@cp8392 years ago

Depends on where you're applying so can you give an example of what types of schools?

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Penn State was the only one I’m considering that my SAT rated a little weaker.. so specifically Penn State

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2 years ago

Since Penn State's University Part common data set for 2019-2020 shoes a middle 50% of 1160-1370, your 1320 is better than the average of 1265 and closer to the 1370 75% percentile. I would definitely submit 1320 in this case because it almost a safety for you. If you have really good grades and ECS, I might consider a harder reach college that has SAT ranges between 1260-1440 like the University of Pittsburgh main campus. Good Luck.

2 years ago

The general advice I've seen the most during this time is that if your score is within or above the middle 50% of a school, then you should submit. Your score is on the upper end of Penn St.'s middle 50 (11160-1360) so you should definitely submit it to give further evidence that you're qualified for the school.

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