2 years ago
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What can I do during my senior year to boost my application?

I am going to the 12th grade this year and I want to get into some of the colleges on my list, but I'm not sure if I can make it in with my current grades and activities. What can I do in 12th grade to improve my chances?

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2 years ago

Well there's not much you can do in terms of your grades or extracurriculars at this point. Unless you somehow find something outstanding to do in this short amount of time before applications are due. Some of the main things that you can do right now, however, are optimizing your test scores and focusing on your essays and application. Although many shcools are test optional, a good sat score can only help you. If you have a stronger sat than another applicant or an applicant that doesn't have an sat score, it can help you. Also essays are very important. A strong essay can help you get into a good college if other parts of your application are lackluster. Hope this helps!

2 years ago

I am just like you! While we are in this pandemic, we may not have much options regarding activities physically but we do when it comes to online. You can be a virtual tutor, start a blog about something you are passionate about, and perhaps do virtual internships. Physically, you can volunteer at your local community to help those in need, and get a summer job. Don't lose hope and use this pandemic as an opportunity to get creative with your activities.


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