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Where exactly does someone apply for Scholarships?

I am going into junior year of highschool and I want to start looking at scholarships for college but I have NO IDEA where to look, someone help?

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2 years ago

Thanks to the Internet, you’ve got plenty of resources to look for scholarships, it’s just a matter of sifting through them and figuring out which will work for you/is also legit. Some of the websites I’ve used as a rising senior are fastweb.com, unigo, scholarship.com, collegeboard.org, etc. These are good databases to find scholarships outside of your state, as well as some within your state. Just be careful with certain ones like “sweepstakes” scholarships and stuff because I’ve heard that those just end up spamming your email.

Definitely look into scholarships offered by colleges you’re looking at (sometimes they’ll have a page that shows a list of scholarships relevant to certain majors/demographics/etc). And don’t forget to look online for local scholarships offered in your town/county/general areas; Sometimes local law firms will set up scholarships, certain associations, or maybe even your own high school.

Good luck with the search!

And some advice: Definitely look into the local scholarships because the application pools are going to be significantly smaller than the national scholarships that are online, so your odds of winning the local scholarship are going to be relatively higher.

2 years ago

So all universities I know of have a scholarship portal that you gain access to when admitted. Make sure to look at departmental not just university wide ones.

But outside scholarships are often found in databases such as fastweb, scholarshipowl, scholarship.com, raise me etc

Also there may be community ones such as through your church or for some places through your job. Your school/school district may also have one. Also club organizations may also have the m if your highly ranked if I remember correctly debate has one for who ever wins the national tournament m others likely have that as well.

Hope this helps. I’d be happy to help you if you need clarification.


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