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Where can I find free SAT II past papers and exercises online?


I plan on taking the Math Level II and Physics SAT test. I have been struggling to find free papers and exercises. I'm trying to avoid buying the SAT II book because once I am done I would never use it again.


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vote has the full subject tests in an online format, but as @crsgo0422 said, you can just type it up and get it.

I'd highly recommend getting a book if you can (specifically the Barron's book), but if you don't want to, is a good option.

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Honestly there is not a lot of practice out there for subject tests since they are not as popular as the sat. To find free practice tests I would search this exactly into google:

“ sat subject math 2 practice test filetype:pdf “

“ math 2 practice problems sat filetype:pdf “

and it will come up with various scans/pdf files of different tests and practice worksheets that people have uploaded to the internet. honestly i know the test prep books are expensive but you should buy at least one. there are books for teaching and review but collegeboard also sells 4x old tests in a book, look up “college board math 2 test book” on amazon and it should be ~10-20$ there. On collegeboard’s website they overcharge so make sure to buy it from a 3rd party reseller.hope this helps!

edit just do the same for physics as math 2 in the search :)

also- use they have a lot of free practice questions for the sat and some for subject tests

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On the College Board website you can find free practice tests. Also, on Khan Academy you can find free material to prepare for the subject tests (they are not subject test courses specifically but it has lessons for algebra II, geometry, physics, etc. which have the same material with the subject test).

College Board links


Math II: