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07/31/2020 at 08:22PM

Should I apply to Northwestern?

Collegevine says that I'm a long reach for Northwestern. I'm closer to the 25th percentile of Northwestern students, so it's not like I'm far off the admissions radar. My GPA is 3.92 and my SAT is 1420. By the way, my major is electrical engineering.

I've unofficially visited Northwestern and it's perfect! I really feel like it's a great fit for me and I especially like the location. I would love to go here versus any other school.

My main concern is affordability. I heard Northwestern is an expensive school. As a first generation student, my family doesn't have any funds to pay for college, and my mom even told me that I should just go to community college (since I'm part of this program that guarantees I won't have to pay for community college). If I get accepted, I don't think I would be able to attend just because of tuition.

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07/31/2020 at 09:11PM

Do not let financial reasons stop you from applying to your dream school. I highly recommend doing financial aid research and applying for scholarships that may help you out. Just look over Northwestern's financial aid policies and apply for financial aid on your application. I do feel thay your sat is somewhat low, but since this year schools are test optional, you can leave it out when applying! I wouldn't be able to know how strong of an applicant you are since I dknt know your extracurriclars etc., but don't waste your talents on community college. Even if you dknt get into northwestern, there are plenty of good colleges that you can get into with lots of financial aid. Goodluck!

07/31/2020 at 08:46PM[edited]

I cannot offer you any advise on the acceptance part but I do know a lot about financial aid (I am looking for schools that offer aid to internationals and it is pretty hard, but it also means that I've spent thousands of hours looking at financial aid). I think if you are a first gen student from a low income family and a US citizen (I assume you are, I don't know. Even if you aren't you can get financial aid) you could definitely get financial aid.

You can try Northwestern's Net Price calculator (here is the link: to see how much aid you would probably get.

If cost is an issue do not worry. Most colleges offer very generous financial aid packages and are committed to helping students get a great college eduation even if they don't have the money. I think Northwestern is a very generous school and a great school in general. Good luck with your application!

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08/01/2020 at 01:26AM

So northwestern is very generous with aid. If your pell eligible (I’d recommend googling it as I’m not an expert) is loan free full need met. So if your familiar with EFC (expected family contribution) it’s essentially how much you/your family are expected to pay per year for schools that’s calculated through FAFSA and at NW if I remember correctly also the CSS profile.

No loan aid is essentially for example the cost of attendance is 100k/year and your EFC is 10k NW will give you 90k in grants/scholarships. That’s if your pell eligible and as you qualify for the free CC program you definitely might be eligible. Essentially what I’m saying is if you qualify it’s very affordable. Also you can always reach out to the finicial aid office to get more details about the no loan aid program.

Hope this helps and please comment if you need clarification. I’d be happy to help/clarify for you.