6 months ago
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School Counselor Recommendation Letter

Hi Experts,

I have a question about the recommendation letter from the school counselor

1. Our school does not have enough spots for AP. So I have gone to my counselor several times... not sure if that is taken in a negative way - something like taking up too much oxygen from the counselor

2. One of my teachers - she is not in school anymore , has mentioned to my counselor that i had gone to her office hours several times during the week.

I am now concerned - not sure what kind of negative connotation it is going to cause. How would school counselor write the recommendation letter.

When they writing the rec letter ...not sure if those are going to play against me.

Any advise to nullify the negative thinking ( or I think they may be having ) about me.

how this will translate when they are writing the rec letter.



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1 answer

6 months ago

I think that even if you don't take ap classes this year, you will have plenty of opportunities next year, unless you are a senior lol. It could go both ways with 'annoying' the counselor, she could think that you are determined and strongly value your chances of getting into college. On the other hand as well I would take a couple days without seeing her to figure out other ways to spice up your college resume, and after that go visit her and explain why you come to see her so often, tell her you're just nervous about getting into college and that not being in any ap classes makes you nervous. Counselors are supposed to be empathetic that way. I think if you go about it in a calm manner and be patient with it you should be able to get a pretty solid recommendation letter from her. Hope this helps !!

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