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What is University of British Columbia's ACT requirements?

Have they changed their requirements due to COVID-19? I have taken the ACT but I haven't taken the writing portion because of all the cancelations.

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10 months ago

Off of UBC University of British Columbia's website for American undergraduate applicants.

Test requirements for Americans:

SAT 1 or ACT + Writing. In countries where the SAT and ACT are unavailable, exemptions may be granted. UBC’s SAT institution code is 0965 and its ACT institution code is 5259. The optional SAT essay section is recommended, but not required.

From Cappex:

30 is the Avg ACT score (10 would not be the minimum essay score since 12 is the max and most IVY applicants are 8-10)

1350 is the Avg SAT score (the 1600 composite minimum is based on 2400 and outdated for the past 4 years)

10 months ago

I'm not sure honesty because of the coronavirus and everything. If you can I think you should email your schools admissions or trying contacting a rep through linked.in because of the pandemic they can't penalize for not being able to take a test with everything that's going on. Don't worry too much, and good luck on college app's!

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