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I'm a transfer student. I currently attend a California CC.

I'm a sophomore and I'm trying to use this calculator to see my chances of getting into my dream schools. But it continues to ask for ACT/SAT scores and has no option for transfer students. That I can see. I feel like I'm not getting a correct scoring on my profile. Is there a way to switch over to a "transfer mode" of some sort?

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There is no transfer mode offered... I'd recommend asking your college counselor about your chances to be honest. If you are in TAG with a UC, then you shouldn't have to worry, and acceptance rates at UCLA and UC Berkeley are around 33-40% for transfer students. As long as your GPA is relatively high, those colleges shouldn't be hard to get into. Ivy League/Stanford are not transfer-friendly at all, and your chances may be very low. However, ask your counselor, that is paramount.


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