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Applying REA

If you have a weak spot in your app should you apply REA or just do RD for the ivy league schools

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2 years ago

First of all, the chance calculator on college vine is not always accurate and does not account for the fact that most schools are going test optional. Since your ECs are supposedly very strong, I'm sure that will help you a lot. As for your GPA, I'm not sure exactly what yours translates too on a 4.0 scale, but it does not seem too bad. Remember colleges only use GPA and test scores to see if you can handle the course work (there is no real set cutoff for GPA. I know people who have got into Harvard with low GPAs if they have outstanding ECs). They then will look further at your essays and ECs when deciding whether to admit you. You should also mention the death of your family member (my condolences by the way) on your application to explain the reason for the low GPA. Considering your demographic background, I would say that you would have a decent chance of getting into those shcools if your essays and ECs are really good. Good luck!

2 years ago

So chance me questions aren’t allowed in Q&A so use the chancing engine but as you seem like a 1st time user I’ll help you out.

Don’t seem like your making GPA excuses be professional and don’t reflect blame.

Depending on rigor 3.8+ for very rigorous (unweighted) and 3.9+ (uw) for lack of rigor due to lack of opportunity.

Your ethic background helps you a lot but will come down to admission preference. I’d personally say anything from 12-30% chance but I’m likely in the 17-24% range. Ivies are ivies for a reason and they reject strong even excellent applicants constantly so it comes down to AO preference. But an essay tip is be unique and creative don’t do a cliche essay or even a standard unique one. But try to have an essay about a topic no one else will do. Ivies will be ivies.

I’d be happy to clarify if you have a question. Hope this helps.


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