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Is this an error?

So I was culling my school list and with my profile all filled out and found I had a 88-92% at UW Madison (54% admit rate) and a 11-17% chance at UT Austin (36.5% admit rate). I’m very confused at this as at both schools acoording to CV I have excellent rigor and ECs and strong GPA.

I haven’t taken the SAT/ACT yet but I have inputted my PSAT score which for both is not in the top 75%. But UT Austin has a lower mid 50% for SAT than UW Madison. I’m an out of state (for both) white male.

So with the background info out of the way my question is quite frankly is this an error? I expected fairly comparable chances for both.

I’m not asking a chance me question but I don’t know if I should email CV or what to do. Id really appreciate any help that you can give.



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a year ago

I agree that UT would be harder than UWM for the same reasons.

Like you, I get 88-92% for UWM. Then I tried plugging in ACT from 25 to 35 and still got the same range. When l I plug in a 24 ACT, then it goes down to 3-9%, there is nothing in between. For UT I get 81-85% for ACT scores between 25-35 and then it goes down to 1-5% for a 24 ACT so it proportionately drops like a brick. I wish I knew what the chancing algo. was.

a year ago

UT- Austin has auto admission meaning that it's hard to get into for OOS students and/or those outside of the top 6% of their class. Just speculation, you may want to ask an expert for sure.


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