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Does your undergrad matter for getting into a top 20 medical school?

I'm unsure of where to go for my undergrad. I have the option of either attending a state school and commuting for a low cost or going to a little ivy, but with little to no merit and financial aid. Will going to a more prestigious university drastically affect my chances of getting into a top 20 medical school?

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4 years ago

The undergrad school you attend definitely will not have a dramatic effect on getting into a top 20 medical school- it might only have a very small effect. Getting into a top med school depends significantly more on the MCAT and undergrad GPA (both overall and in science courses) than where someone went to school. However it might be worth comparing what kind of resources both schools would have for pre-meds. Its likely that if it’s a flagship state school it should be about on par with any private university, but if it’s a smaller/more regional state school it might be a bit lacking in some areas. Its also important to consider your financial need given that med school is only going to saddle you with more debt.

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