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Can a technical course help me in the application?


I'm a international student ( Sophomore Year) and i study in a Technical High School with a possibility of taking a internship at Senior Year. Can this Technical Course improve my chances in the college application?

Btw, it is a Highway Engeneering Technical Course.


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So so course is transportation engineering are you looking to major in civil/transportation engineering or a similar discipline such as urban planning? If you say yes than it will definitely help as you gain practical experience.

If you are going to study English or a non related major in college it will not help. It may help a little if the program was a selective program but it doesn’t seem to be.

Hope this helps and comment if you need clarification.

Hello! The program is selective. The slection is made by 1 written maths test and 1 multiple choice test ( all the subjects). I plan to take a Economics or Finance major, once a big part of our work is about Budget. A huge Thank You from Brazil!
So is it selective (about 1 out of 2 are admitted or less) or merely an application? As long as you clarify/specify that the internship deals with budget you should definitely get a boost how much I can’t really say. Best of luck!
It is selective. 1 out 3 are admitted.
In that case I’d recommend you specify that it is selective but focus on what you do there not how selective it is.
I got it! Thank you bro, you helped a lot.
Your welcome! If you found it helpful would you mind accepting the answer? In not no problem! Good luck!
Thank you!
No prob. Thanks for the help!