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Tips on writing ECs in Common App?


For the Common Application, do you have tips when filling out the Activities section? For example, do's and don't's of what to write in "Position/Leadership description" and "Please describe this activity, including what you accomplished and any recognition you received, etc."

Do you recommend any sources that have helped you with the description of ECs?

Thank you!


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So I write the title as essentially if it was a job what would the title be? And if you have a recognition such as internationally ranked say ranked insert title.

The description should include a notable achievement and DETAILS and if you have space something you gained from the activity.

So for example one of mine is

Title: National Curcuit Debator

Description: I compete weekly in the local curcuit and attended multiple national circuit tournaments. I was selected to compete in national qualifiers and state.

If the activity is the heart of an essay don’t include what you gained in the description. Also give priority to EC description not what you gained. Hope this helps!


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