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Is it bad for me/college if my 9th grade year isn't good at all?

I am in the 9th grade. At first, i was unaware of the things i should be doing. I am in online school and the whole start of 9th grade was a really stressful and confusing time for me since it was the first time i have ever been in online school. They did not let me choose my own electives. They gave me Art, business and marketing, and health for the first semester. i passed them all with great grades, Especially business and marketing. In business and marketing i got 100% for every single assignment i did. In the second semester (the one i am in now) i still have art (i am not into it, but i am fairly decent in it) but now i have P.E. and computer literacy. So far i have been doing good in those, but do they even count for anything is a question i keep asking myself. They have clubs but at the start it was difficult to understand how to get in or how it works, so i ended up not joining any til recently (when i finally figured out i wasn't doing it right) i joined CC which is basically a leadership opportunity club, i have volunteered for 2 competitions but that's about it. I have not ever done any extracurricular activities (i am going to for 10th grade, though). I haven't had very good grades recently because the work load is so big i often get assignments overdue. I am a slow learner as well, online school goes too fast for me. In English i am struggling the most. Which irks me because i had always excelled in English, i even had an advanced ela class in the 8th grade but i ended up out of advanced and even struggling to understand and do good at English now. I am trying my best to catch up with my work but it is difficult for me. I am afraid if this will impact me terribly for college or even in the 10th grade. I plan on making my next years go extremely well, but this question has been taunting me for awhile.

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Hello Jazmine! I can unquestionably concur with your concerns. I am also enrolled in an online high school, so I understand how fast and challenging it is. I've been in virtual school since fourth grade, though, so I do apprehend how it operates. I am also in ninth grade, although I'm taking honors, advanced, and upper-level classes such as Geometry and AP's. Believe me, you'll need to look at your pace chart or syllabus, and if you don't have one, make one. Look at the classes you'll have to do that week, then plan your week out. This has personally helped me extremely, I even was able to skip a grade. I also haven't really been in any extracurriculars, so I hope that when you enter tenth grade you do that. I don't think this will impact you for college, depending on what college you want to go to. If it's a community or state college, just make sure to either go back to a physical public school to get higher grades or learn time management to get your work done quickly and sufficiently. If you want to go to an ivy league, you'll have to quickly finish the school year with a bang, so sites like School Yourself and Khan Academy are necessary. One last piece of advice would be to (if you can) resubmit assignments, and don't forget you could always contact your teacher for help!

If you have any more questions, I'll be happy to respond!



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