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How do I know if going test optional will affect my chances of getting in positively or negatively?

I am a rising senior, and because of COVID-19, I have not yet had the chance to take the ACT (and I will not be taking the SAT). Alongside not having very much time to boost my score, there are other things that will negatively impact what I get on the ACT. If I apply test-optional am I putting my chance of getting into the colleges I apply to at risk?

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The best thing you can do is sign up for either the Aug SAT or Sept ACT. You must register for the Aug 29th SAT by August 11th and CollegeBoard has waived all late fees since the 7/31 deadline has passed. Also, the ACT registration opens tomorrow for the Sept dates. If you score well on either meaning you are in the 50% percentile range for the schools you are applying, then submit either of them. If you don't score as expected, then don't submit them and you might have to tweak your college list a little. While you will not be penalized for not having an ACT or SAT score to submit, you will be forgoing the added benefit of having a good score from which the application readers can compare similar files like yours from other applicants. If 2 applicants have the same basic info in their file, it will come down to something non-quantitative that makes the decision. However, if 2 applicants have the same basic info in their file, the nod will go to the one who submitted the qualifying test score. Hope that helps.


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