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Do UCs use the capped GPA or noncapped GPA when reviewing profiles?


So my UC GPA is a 4.15 capped, but 4.71 uncapped due to my community college classes. I am wondering whether the UCs, especially Berkeley, will look at the capped GPA requirement (with its 8 semester maximum) or my uncapped GPA with all its semesters of classes.

My capped GPA suggests I am below average, despite having a very high fully weighted GPA... so I am wondering if that will adversely affect my chances at EECS...

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UC Berkeley would look at the 4.15 capped GPA where you maxed out the 8 extra points, not the weighted 4.71 GPA.

This why their weighted GPA range is lower than most elite colleges at 4.00-4.29 even though their unweighted GPA range is 3.89-4.00. There is not much of a spread between the 2.

Would they still likely take note of the amount of UC honors courses I have done?
Yes. I think so because they will see the info. on your file and it's hard to "unsee" something after they see it.
This is correct! You can read more about the capped GPA here: They will still take into account your other courses, so your other advanced courses will still help your chances.
Okay thank you... I'm kind of stressed since I'm applying for EECS with its 4% acceptance rate...
Totally understandable! Most of your application is set at this point (like grades), but one thing you can do focus on writing the best essays you can. Fingers crossed for you!