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Do UCs use the capped GPA or noncapped GPA when reviewing profiles?

So my UC GPA is a 4.15 capped, but 4.71 uncapped due to my community college classes. I am wondering whether the UCs, especially Berkeley, will look at the capped GPA requirement (with its 8 semester maximum) or my uncapped GPA with all its semesters of classes.

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My capped GPA suggests I am below average, despite having a very high fully weighted GPA... so I am wondering if that will adversely affect my chances at EECS...

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a year ago

UC Berkeley would look at the 4.15 capped GPA where you maxed out the 8 extra points, not the weighted 4.71 GPA.

This why their weighted GPA range is lower than most elite colleges at 4.00-4.29 even though their unweighted GPA range is 3.89-4.00. There is not much of a spread between the 2.


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