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I have a ged, and nothing special about my education. How can I apply for fall 2024?

Hi, so I’ve been to like 7 different schools in my life. I’ve done some really bad homeschool due to being the caregiver of a small child all my teenage years.. I’m taking my ged next month, and the act in October, is it possible to still get into a decent state university for fall 2024? I’m really stuck here because I’ve had zero opportunity to make decisions about my education in the past, now that I’m turning 18 I can take things into my own hands and get a college education.

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6 months ago

I would make sure you apply to some colleges who have high acceptance rates. If you are not accepted, community college is a great option. I know it does not sound like anything amazing, but you can take a year of community college and then transfer to a university. Doing so, you prove your ability to take college classes and transfer students have lower requirements than first year students.

Hope this helps you and don't be discouraged.

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